Sunday, 10 October 2010

[W.I.P] Naval Brigade.

Welcome back to my blog
                                                       This time it's another update on my 6mm project. On Wednesday I posted up the finished bases of my Durham Light Infantry and I was deliberating as to what I should do next, after a little consideration and an evening of preparation work on both the Naval Brigade and the Highland Infantry I was no further forward, a quick look at the Sudan painting guide by Michael Perry (HERE) convinced me I wasn't quite ready for 6mm tartan and so I started work on the miniatures for my Naval Brigade.

Work In Progress: Naval Brigade.

The miniatures are once again Baccus 6mm, this time they are from the American Civil War range, an idea I picked up from "chopperboydan" over on the Baccus forums. The pack I chose was ACW8 - Infantry, Shell Jacket, Hat, Skirmish.   I had a look at the picture over on the Baccus website and it seemed to show skirmish infantry in hats, when I started painting the miniatures up I realised that unfortunately some of them were wearing Kepi's. I'm not entirely sure what to do about this. Do I leave them out and order more miniatures to fill out my stands? Or do I spread them out across the four stands and just live with them? I'm not sure.

Work In Progress: Naval Brigade.

The blue looks a bit light to me at the moment but I'd prefer that to it being too dark, they are a bit messy still and I've i
picked out quite a few bit's I've missed but on the whole I'm rather happy with where they are at, hopefully I should have them completed by the end of the week. 

The initial plan for the Naval Brigade is to have four stands of infantry, two naval Gatling gun stands and two naval Gardner guns. For full VSF potential I'm considering additional stands of Naval Brigade so I can field a full battalion of Naval Infantry.
Work In Progress: Walking Machine.

In addition to the Naval Brigade I began work on a walking machine, it's based on an Epic era Space Marine dreadnought, I've added a boiler and coal bunker using plastic card and a claw from an Epic Ork tank. I tried my hand with a little bit of green stuff sculpting but it ended up rather messily and I'm still in the process of removing it.

Anyway that's all for now.

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