Tuesday, 26 October 2010

[Finished] British Aeronef Battleship Squadron.

Welcome back again Ladies & Gentlemen, 
                                                                                as I promised earlier I have another Aeronef laden post for you today, finally finished touching up the bits that needed doing to my scratch built battleships. These were firmly inspired by the pre-dreadnoughts and turret ships of the Victorian era, the inspiration should be fairly obvious to those with knowledge of the Victorian Navy but the first ship HMS Royal Oak is inspired by HMS Victorian & HMS Sans Pareil (1887), I just loved the idea of the main armament being located in a single turret and the overall design of the ships.
HMS Royal Oak (Victoria Class)

The second lot of ships were inspired by the layout of HMS Inflexible (1876) & HMS Colossus (1882) with the two turrets placed en echelon amidships, so that there was some degree of all round fire from the two turrets. Some compromises were made with the design as I'm still getting to grips with plasticard modeling (I would love to revisit these at a later date when I'm a little more confident about my abilities).

HMS Conqueror & HMS Colossus (Conqueror Class)

The bulk of the ships was built out of styrene from Evergreen, I'm pretty sure it was the 2mm stuff, the decks were again made from styrene, this time the really thin timber cladding stuff and the funnels were made from tubes of styrene. The turrets (VAN-7011 British Twin Gun Turrets) and masts (VAN-7001 Spare Masts) are made by Brigade Models and are available separately.

10th Battle Squadron (Reserve): HMS Conqueror (Conqueror Class), HMS Colossus (Conqueror Class) & HMS Royal Oak (Victoria Class)
I thought it might be useful to see the varying sizes of the different ships, here is an idea with examples of each ship class that I own.

From Left to Right: Conqueror Class, Victoria Class, Exeter Class, Ralwalpindi Class, Steadfast Class, Cossack Class

Hope you've enjoyed the update. 


  1. Those are brilliant! You'd be hard pressed to tell them apart from the Brigade Model's examples - well done.

  2. Thanks. They were pretty simple to make too, especially with a little green stuff to smooth the rough edges out.