Tuesday, 19 October 2010

[News] Spartan Games Announces Dystopian Wars.

Spartan Games has released the first previews of it's latest creation Dystopian Wars. Due to be released in November 2010 it will initially feature four main factions; the Kingdom of Britannia, the Empire of the Blazing Sun, the Prussian Empire and the Federated States of America. Set in 1870 the game is very heavily influenced by Steampunk, and features amongst it's wilder creations Landships built to rival Cathedral's, Aerial Aircraft Carriers and Double Decker Paddle Ship Aircraft Carriers.

First indications of size put the battleships and carriers at around 5-6 inches long and 2-3 inches wide, though it remains to be seen if this is a consistent scale across air, sea and land. What is almost certain is that there will be no infantry models, with suggestions that infantry will be represent by either card tokens or not at all.

It is rumored that all three elements are able to take part in the same game, rather than there being three separate game systems, this is certainly an interesting idea if it works and I look forward to future news from Spartan Games on this.

There is almost certainly going to be more factions in Dystopian Wars, a world map on the Spartan Games website shows the Covenant of Antarctica, the Ottoman Empire, the Russian Coalition and the League of Italian States. Of these the secretive Covenant of Antarctica holds perhaps the most draw to this wargamer.

Looking at previous Spartan Games releases it is hard to imagine that the miniatures for Dystopian Wars will be anything less than brilliant.


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