Sunday, 10 October 2010

[Review] Renedra Wargames Accessories Bases.

           Back again and with another review, this time it's plastic bases from the wargames accessory manufacturer Renedra.

I've been aware of Renedra for over a year having ordered bases from them previously for a stalled 2mm project, so when it came to my 6mm project i already had an idea of what i wanted.

The website is really user friendly and laid out in a way that allows you to immediately find the online store. Each item has a picture and a description so that there is no mistake as to what you are buying, an excellent feature for a site that primarily sells bases. My last order from the site was at the beginning of the year and already the range of products that Renedra produce has increased, for those of you interested they also do what looks like a great range of 28mm Civil War accessories for Perry Miniatures. 

Once ordered the bases came within a couple of days, they were nicely packed in a bubble wrap filled postal envelope and each pack of bases came in a separate bag. There were no breakages and everything arrived in good shape, no real surprises here but i thought it was worth mentioning. What was a surprise was the hand written note on my invoice thanking me for my custom, a wonderful gesture from the great folks at Renedra and just one more reason to keep going back to them. Anyway on to the product.

Renedra 50x25mm Base: As they came delivered.

Renedra 50x25mm Bases: On the sprue.

Having trialed various base sizes with card beforehand i knew exactly what i required for my 6mm infantry companies, a nice 50x25mm base. Each pack comes in a variety of colours (green, brown & grey) a nice option for those who don't like to paint the edges of their bases but since i prefer a nice black painted edge i plumped for grey. The underside of the bases are very slightly textured to prevent slipping on the games table whilst the topside is nice & smooth. The pack that i ordered cost £2.00 for 15 bases, that works out at less than 14p per base, a real bargain i'd say. The bases are very high quality moldings, the plastic is hard but easy enough to work with and once cut off the sprues the bases are ready to use. Having based up a few stands of miniatures now, i can say that the bases hold sand very well and once painted and flocked they look amazing. Personally i prefer to base the figures on the textured side and have the smooth side on the table, not that it makes all that much difference.

Renedra 50x25mm Bases: Off the sprue.
Renedra 50x25mm Base with Baccus 6mm Infantry.

So yes a very dull review but i got exactly what i ordered and fantastic service to boot. Renedra will definitely be receiving more of my money in the future for bases, I think I've decided on 25x25mm for artillery pieces and 50x50mm for cavalry bases. Now i just have to finish what i've started.

Ease of Ordering:  9/10

Quality of Service:  10/10

Quality of Product:   9/10
Packaging & Delivery:  9/10
Value for Money:  9/10

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