Wednesday, 6 October 2010

[Review] Baccus 6mm Colonial British Infantry.

Well I'm back already with another update, hopefully one of many. 

As I begin to build up this blog from it's foundations I thought I'd review some of the purchase's that i've made in this last year, we start off with the British Infantry from the Baccus 6mm Colonial Range. 

I have been a long time fan of all thing's small scale, the ability to field mass formations and fight battles rather than skirmishes has always appealed to me, so when i discovered that Baccus produced a range of 6mm British Colonial Infantry I just had to have some. 

Finding the Colonial Range if you don't know where to look on the Baccus website is a bit of a pain, unlike most of the 6mm product ranges that Baccus produce it is not listed on the dark green side bar, instead you have to click on products and scroll down to the page to find them. A minor inconvenience but one that could lead many people to over look this range.

Once you've found the range it is divided into five sections, the British, the Boers, the Egyptians, the Mahdists and the Zulu's, a nice touch that allows you to find the models you're looking for almost instantaneously.  The British Range consists of 24 individual packs divided between the Zulu Wars and the Sudan Campaigns of 1885/6. Each individual pack is laid out well giving a description of the contents, a price for the EU and the Rest of the World and in most cases but unfortunately not all a picture of the product. 

The packs of British Infantry that i purchased British Infantry - Marching (CBR21), British Infantry - Firing (CBR22) & Highland Infantry - Firing (CBR24) all came with a total of 24 strips of figures, 4 Command strips and 20 Line strips, each strip consists of four models to give a total of 96 figures. At £5.50 (for EU residents) for 96 miniatures this works out at just over 5p per individual, very reasonable if you ask me and one of the reasons I love 6mm.

Baccus 6mm: British Infantry - Firing (CBR22)

My order with Baccus was dealt with very quickly, and i received the goods within a week of ordering them. They arrived well packaged, each individual pack was separated into individual bags and placed into one bubble wrapped postage bag along. There were no breakages and nothing rolling around in the envelope, perhaps a minor thing but one that has constantly frustrated me about many of my e-bay purchases. Whilst the bags were labelled in marker with the website code it would have been nice to have a little sticker saying what they were.

The models themselves are very high quality castings with little or no flash present, there is an unbelievable amount of detail present on each figure, faces, webbing and weapons are all easily distinguishable and they are a joy to paint. If i was to be hyper critical about them, my two very minor criticisms would be that first of all the bases of some strips are less well cast than others and can taper off into nothing and that secondly the marching packs are very tightly packed together, this is fine if you intend to base them up as a strip but if you want them marching in a more loose order it's quite difficult to get a pair of cutters in between the bases. Like i say very minor criticisms.

Overall I'm incredibly happy with them and Baccus will certainly be receiving a lot more of my custom.

Ease of Ordering: 7/10

Quality of Service: 9/10

Quality of Product: 8/10

Packaging & Delivery: 9/10

Value for Money: 9/10

I hope this has been an informative read, please don't hesitate to ask any question, where possible i'll deal with your queries.


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