Wednesday, 13 October 2010

[WIP] Floating Rocks.

Welcome back to Martians & Machine Guns,
                                                                               There is a great competition over on the Lead Adventure Forum to make your own terrain that fits on to a CD, Well it's getting on towards the deadline and I finally made enough progress with my idea last night to get started on it, so without further ado, my work in progress terrain piece.

Work In Progress: Underside of the Cork Rocks.

Started off with some bits of cork tile that I lying around, stuck them together with some PVA and pushed a nail through the middle, then i added some Games Workshop sand (Yes, I know I'm a fool for buying it) to the underside to give a bit of extra texture. The rocks were then stuck to the CD using some green stuff, I kept the head facing down so that they were easier to base, unfortunately they were a little bit wobbly so I added some extra cork to the base to support the nails. I also added some bits of twig for use as bridges between the rocks.

Work In Progress: Showing cork on the base for support.

Work In Progress: Showing the twigs used as bridges.

Work In Progress: Another shot of the bridges.

I created a top piece for the largest rock, using some more cork, this time I added a ring from a bubble blower for a sort of Stargate/Ring sort of thing and an old bead from the bits box in the centre, the whole thing was stuck down to the cork using green stuff. I then textured the green stuff using a piece of cork but I think the whole thing will probably get a coating of sand and PVA anyway as i'm not all that happy with it.

Work In Progress: The Gate/Artifact.

Finally i created some roots and root pods, they will probably be added to the bottom surface of the cork rocks, they were made out of some green stuff and some knackered spring things we use at work.

Work In Progress: The Root Pods.

Hope you enjoyed the project so far, hopefully will get some more done today.

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