Sunday, 27 May 2012

[Project News] Back on Track...

Well it's been a few weeks since my last update here, but things have been ticking away in the background at Martians & Machine Guns since the last time I posted.

First of all I've started painting two battalions of highland infantry, these will end up as the 1st Battalion The Gordon Highlanders and the 1st Battalion Seaforth Highlanders (Ross-shire Buffs), with ten men per company (and per stand) and eight companies per battalion that ends up as 160 tiny little men to paint. That'll only need another 80 infantry to complete the British infantry contingent. Progress is a little slow as 160 jackets, helmets, packs and kit all takes it's time but they're slowly starting to come together.

I've also started painting 2 batteries of 12pdrs for the Royal Artillery, these will be 16th Battery, 2nd Brigade Royal Artillery and 33rd Battery, 2nd Brigade Royal Artillery. These were created using the Baccus Artillery creator, this allows you to mix and match crews with artillery pieces from different ranges, for these I used the Royal Artillery crew from the Colonial range and the Prussian 12pdrs from the Franco-Prussian War range. It's probably completely inaccurate but good enough to my eyes.

Finally I've been working on four more landships for the British, three old Epic scale hellhound models  and a custom made artillery tractor. Once these are finished it'll be a case of looking on to the next army, I'm undecided who will be next, the Prussians, the French or a contingent headed by Captain Nemo. 

Monday, 7 May 2012

[Finished] The First Martian Tripod

Well it's been a long time between updates, pretty inexcusable but a combinations of things has prevented me from having much hobby time. Hopefully this has all changed, I finally managed to find a decent job lately so I should have the funds to start expanding this project into the areas that I want to.

Anyway enough of the excuses, time for some pictures.

First up we have a shot of the first Martian walking machine to emerge from the cylinders on Horsell Common.
The first Martian walking machine emerges from it's cylinder.
The first Martian walking machine passes by on it's way towards London.
The Martian tripod was painted with a combination of Games Workshop and Vallejo Model Colour over a base coat of GW Chaos Black spray. Base courtesy of an old CD, covered with GW sand and static grass with the odd dot of Woodland Scenics clump foliage.

And just because I haven't had any updates posted on the site for over a year some bonus pictures, it's all been covered in previous updates but the landship is a converted Pendraken British WW1 Mark V and the ruins are Games Workshop Epic 40,000 ruins.

HMLS Defence confronts the Martian Tripod.
Baccus 6mm Colonials support the Pendraken 10mm Mark V. The two scales match up quite well here and I'm hoping to plunder the Pendraken range for more Landships in the future.

The 2nd Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment supports HMLS Defence.