Wednesday, 19 January 2011

[Project News] A New Year.

Welcome back,
                            Well it's well into the new year and it's about time that I got this project back into motion and so it's time for a new post. Lots of things have been conspiring to keep this project stalled (time, money, weather) but the chief cause I must admit been a lack of motivation. To combat this I've decided to track exactly what I've bought for this project, what I have started painting and what i've finished painting, hopefully this will this will inspire and motivate me to keep on completing units on a more regular basis.

I've decided on a relatively simple system to track my progress, once an item arrives on to the lead pile it is added to the tracker as a white box, it will be filled in red when it's in the base coating stage, orange when it's in the painting stage, yellow when it's in the basing stage and green when it's completely finished. This will hopefully be updated on  a more regular basis.

Anyway here's a copy of where I stand at the moment, the more eagle eyed reader will spot that there have been some additions over the recent Christmas period, I ordered a pair of 10mm Mark V Tanks from Pendraken Miniatures as the base for two landships and three infantry units and some artillery units from Baccus. Reviews and pictures to follow at some point. Anyway I should get  on and do some actual hobby related work.

Cheers, Haarken.

Project Status as of 19/01/11