Sunday, 24 October 2010

[Finished] British Aeronef Escorts.

Welcome Back,
As some of you may be aware I began painting up my British aeronef fleet for the Atlantis Campaign over on the Lead Adventure forum back at the beginning of the year, unfortunately the response to my pictures was hardly that amazing (in retrospect I can see why) and I lost all desire to paint up the French fleet. With the launch of my new blog I decided that it was about time that my British Fleet had a second outing, of course lying in harbour for an extended period of time does no favours to any fleet and so the fleet in preparation for it's review was ordered (quite literally) to dust off the cobwebs, holystone the decks and to apply a fresh coat of paint. 

From the back: HMS Fortune, HMS Fury, HMS Fearless (Steadfast Class), HMS Hunter, HMS Hornet, HMS Hotspur (Cossack Class).

The main things I wanted to fix were the decks, which had been painted pretty dark, I really wanted them to be a lot lighter than they were and I think the ships look a whole lot better for it. Other than that it was mostly a case of touching up the spots that I felt needed some work. Unfortunately it's been a lot more work than I initially thought and so I only have the escorts done, anyway thought I'd better post a few pictures to show that I have been doing something this week.

On Patrol: HMS Fortune, HMS Fury, HMS Fearless (Steadfast Class)

In addition to painting up my British aeronefs I've also been working more on my terrain piece for the Lead Adventure Forum "Build Something 2" Contest, although I was pretty happy with it I felt that it needed something else, so I've added some Z Scale trees that I bought off Ebay, they're not the greatest of trees but for the price that I paid for them they are an absolute bargain.

I also began work on a new terrain piece, the inspiration came from Christian over on the Lead Adventure Forum, of course I didn't want one in the same scale so mine will be for 6mm. Pictures of that on Tuesday probably, i'll try and get more aeronefs done for then too.



  1. Looking very nice, there, Haarken - I've never been quite satisfied with my own Aeronef colour schemes, they often seem to come out looking more like fairground attractions, rather than weapons of war - yours, though, look nice and business-like.
    One point though, are you going to do some form of labelling, on the flight stands, for instance? I find it difficult to tell them apart when they're in use, so this is something I'm ruminating on at the moment....

  2. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I'm finding it difficult to tell them apart too. I'm still musing on how to label these, but I think I'm going to go for printed stickers on the bases as my freehand isn't that great.

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