Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Ladies & Gentlemen,
                                    Welcome to my humble blog. 

I have for many years been a lurker on the fringes of many online communities, enjoying the fruits of other people's labours without truly giving anything back myself. With the beginning of a new VSF project i felt that now was the time to stop lurking and start being proud of my own creations  thus giving something back to all those communities that have given me so inspiration. 

Ok so first up we have some British Infantry in Khaki from the Baccus 6mm Colonial Range, initially i was considering a purely colonial project and intended to recreate the 1885/6 and 1898 Campaigns in the Sudan hence the Khaki, after having a good look at those Campaigns and an unhealthy amount of time on the Lead Adventure forum I decided to take the project in a more VSF direction. Since they were almost finished i kept this battalion in the Khaki colours but the rest of my force will almost certainly be dressed in scarlet.

Anyway on to the pictures.

A Company, 1st Battalion, Durham Light Infantry
A Company, 1st Battalion, Durham Light Infantry

1st Battalion, Durham Light Infantry

So with the first infantry battalion done it's on to the next unit, it's a toss up between some Highland or a Naval Brigade... hmm decisions... Anyway I hope that's whetted your appetite for future posts. 

Andrew "Haarken" Sewell

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