Friday, 12 November 2010

[PROJECT NEWS] The Fighting Machines Emerge.

Welcome back,
                                    Well the Martian tripods have arrived and let me tell you I am incredibly happy with them, whilst they are not exactly what I was looking for and they're probably not most people's cup of tea, I think that they are simply fantastic and that they will be a brilliant addition to my project.


Slight and spindly really doesn't go far enough to describe how very fragile and delicate these little beauties are, cast in resin and reinforced with tiny steel rods for support, they are the most fragile models I've ever handled, still can't let a little fear get in the way, they're just models at the end of the day and they just one purpose. Wargaming.


There were a few bits of flash to clear up, but nothing too difficult and nothing unexpected, still dry fitting them at the moment, seeing how they fit together and trying to work out if I need to add some extra support (I'd rather not have to but it might be necessary to mount them on a rod through the body and let that take all the weight).

Tripods Legs with Baccus 6mm Colonial Infantry for Scale.
I'll be progressing with these very slowly, I really want to take my time and get them done to a good standard so it might be a while between updates on these, I will of course be updating other bits of my project along the way.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Where did you get them from. I wouldn't mind something like thst for my games.


    1. Looks like a 3D printed model of the Combine Strider from Half Life 2.