Tuesday, 12 April 2011

[W.I.P] Martian Tripods.

Welcome back,
                                well after a long absence they are finally back. After a long delay, a lot of pondering and much worrying I finally plucked up the courage to do something with my three Martian tripods, I wasn’t that keen on the idea of drilling into these fragile resin models but I decided that the only way that I could reasonably support them was to drill some holes and mount them on brass rod.So on my way back home the other day I popped into Model Active at Durham and bought a couple of lengths of brass rod. Cue more worrying and thinking and well mainly procrastination if I’m completely honest and it’s taken me a further week to get to this stage.

I began by using my pin vice drill to drill some little holes in the underside of the tripods, a brief test fit and it was obvious 
that the hole was about 0.5mm too small, fortunately I had a larger drill bit that unfortunately wouldn’t fit in my drill, so I had to gently turn it in my hands. I was kind of glad about this as the soft resin was easily drilled and I felt that I had much more control this way. I made the hole in the bottom of the tripod quite shallow and added a blob of greenstuff to the top of the brass rod to secure it in the hole. The brass rod was attached to the base (an old unwanted CD) with more greenstuff, as were the legs. The base was covered with sand and pieces of cork to break up the flat surface. 

Since I'd feared moving on from the previous stage for so long I decided that whilst I had the opportunity I would basecoat them straight away, once that was done I couldn't resist splashing a little paint around (no pictures of them at the moment but an update soon hopefully.