Monday, 28 February 2011

[PROJECT NEWS] Yet Another Brief Update.

Welcome back,
                           A bit of a mixed bag of an update today. 

First of all I want to begin with a small progress update to let you know how I’m progressing. Work has been continuing on the project slowly over the last week with both the York and Lancs and the first of the British Landships on the painting table. I’m glad to report that both of these are now just about finished and ready for the basing stage, I also started preparing the 17th Lancers and gave these their basecoat this afternoon. Hopefully will get some paint on them on Wednesday. Which means that I should have some pretty pictures of painted project progress to post next week.

Secondly whilst I’m on I thought I would point out that I’ve added a wonderful new link to the Historical Resources section: 

Uniforms and Regimental Regalia: The Vinkhuijzen Collection of Military Costume Illustration

This looks like it really is a pretty good resource for military uniforms though I feel like I may have just scratched the surface of it’s usefulness with my browsing.


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